The Podcast Discovery Problem Solved Once and For All

With five minutes work you’ll be set for life with an endless podcast queue.

Erik Jones
5 min readApr 26, 2023

The famous podcast discovery problem states that even with millions of episodes to choose from, it still feels difficult to find new shows that you’ll like.

There is a very simple solution to always having an endless list of amazing things to listen to. I’m so confident this solution works that if this were an infomercial, I would say your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

The solution: subscribe to podcast recommendation newsletters. All of them. Done, you’ll never be at a loss again and you’ll forever live in bliss within the land of the endless queue.

Drawing by the author

A few reasons why podcast recommendation newsletters are so good

  • All the writers and curators of these newsletters love podcasts and filter their little corner of the podcast ecosystem down to the very best recommendations.
  • You can’t beat the passive discovery of the newsletters coming right to your inbox. No need to search charts and scroll through apps.
  • The promise of technology fixing podcast discovery via algorithms leaves a lot to be desired. The gap between promises…



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