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Short Wave: Coronavirus Latest: Testing Challenges And Protecting At-Risk Elderly

The coronavirus is getting more attention because it’s new and it’s worse than the flu. We don’t know the exact case fatality rate yet, but it’s clearly multiple times greater than that of the flu. With the flu we have antivirals, like you can go to your doctor and get a drug that is targeted to the flu. Its even got flu in the name, Tamiflu. We don’t have anything like that for this coronavirus. We don’t have rapid tests like we do for flu. We don’t have a vaccine like we do for flu. Healthcare systems are familiar with the flu, they understand its seasonality, they know it’s coming, they plan for it. The coronavirus just came out of nowhere, so it’s coming on top of everything else the hospitals are dealing with and that is the real reason why people want social distancing to slow the spread of this virus. It’s because we’re trying to keep the number of cases that require hospitalization low over a greater period of time to keep hospitals from getting slammed.”

The Daily: Why the U.S. Wasn’t Ready for the Coronavirus

The Daily: Confronting a Pandemic

Planet Money: Where’s the Vaccine?

Planet Money: Medicine for the Economy


Last Week Tonight: Coronavirus [YouTube]

3Blue1Brown: Exponential growth and epidemics [YouTube]

Joe Rogan Experience: How Serious is the Coronavirus? Infectious Disease Expert Michael Osterholm Explains [YouTube]

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) [YouTube page]

Peter Attia MD: Q & A videos. [YouTube]


Next Draft [email newsletter]

Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now [Medium article]

The story behind ‘flatten the curve,’ the defining chart of the coronavirus. [Fast Company article]

Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve” [Washington Post article]

Why you are harming others by not “overreacting”. [Tweet]

“Under such conditions it becomes selfish, even psychopathic, to act according to what is called ‘rational’ behavior — to make one’s own immediate rankings of risk conflict with those of society, even generate risks for society. This is similar to other tragedies of the common, except that there is life and death.”

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