Add these podcasts to your queue before (or after) seeing Oppenheimer.

Erik Jones
2 min readAug 6


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Even two weeks out from seeing Oppenheimer in my local IMAX (well digital IMAX but good enough), I can’t get enough content about the movie. Here are some of my favorite things I’ve listened to and watched that pair well with the movie.

Cows In The Field: Oppenheimer (w/ Bilge Ebiri)

Cows In The Field discusses movies from a philosophical framework, which is perfect for any Christopher Nolan movie. This episode is an excellent discussion for anyone who has seen the movie. You’ll get hyped to see it again. Vulture movie critic Bilge Ebiri has seen it seven times and has contagious enthusiasm.

Knowable: Quantum entanglement’s long journey from “spooky’ to law of nature

The weirdness of quantum physics and how Einstein felt about it is part of the backdrop of Oppenheimer. This is a great episode to get a primer on where science currently stands with ‘spooky action at a distance.’

Science Vs: Behind the Scenes of ‘Oppenheimer’

A discussion with the science advisor to Nolan for Oppenheimer. There are some great tidbits on how science consulting generally works with movies.

Why Oppenheimer Deserves His Own Movie

An extra recommendation in an otherwise podcast focused playlist. This YouTube video is an amazing short documentary on Oppenheimer that would serve as a great thing to watch ahead of the movie (or even after like I did).

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