Podcast Moments That Made My 2023

Learnings, milestones, and proud moments.

Erik Jones
3 min readMar 3, 2024
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In the spirit of Austin Kleon’s 100 Moments that made his 2023, I wanted to share some top podcast moments (for me) from last year.

The best moments and things I learned from podcasts in 2023:

  1. All the times I drove down a street and remembered the exact thing I was listening to in the same spot months earlier.
  2. Getting to over 1500 active subscribers for Hurt Your Brain.
  3. Learning that plate tectonics wasn’t proposed until the 1960’s. [Unexplainable].
  4. Learning that the term “soap opera” comes from the fact that literal soap companies used to underwrite the first radio dramas and continued doing similar for early TV. [Planet Money].
  5. Reading The Skeptics Guide to the Future, the second book put out by one of my favorite science podcasts, The Skeptics Guide to the Universe.
  6. Going to Joshua Tree National Park and immediately downloading the official podcast after seeing a sign in the welcome center.
  7. Discovering Decoding the Gurus and finally understanding why the Weinstein brothers are the worst (Brett and Eric).
  8. All the podcast visuals I made. Like this



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