Never Use Stock Photos in Podcasting Again

Use these images instead, or easily make your own using AI like DALL-E 2.

Erik Jones
8 min readJan 8


Created using DALL-E 2.

It’s no secret for anyone who reads or writes about podcasts that the images that go along with the writing can be incredibly bland and repetitive. It’s endless microphones and various other podcasting equipment. You read enough in this space, and you are bound to start seeing a few specific images over and over again.

So for the sake of never seeing a generic microphone sitting on a desk ever again, below are some images you are free to use (or better, to take the prompts and create your own).

But first, tips on getting started yourself to play around in this new unlimited sandbox.

A quick word on different AI image tools

The three most buzzed about AI tools are DALL-E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. All three are amazing, but DALL-E 2 was the first to make a splash, and I find it to be the easiest to get started quickly with, and produces the best variety of images that work well within articles. Some of the other tools have a bias towards a certain look that you need to work towards to avoid. I think a progression that makes sense is to start with DALL-E 2 as a way to understand how this all works, and then play around with other tools from there.

Get started in two minutes

It’s real easy to start

Step 1: Sign up for an account for DALL-E 2. This creates an account with Open AI that you can also use for playing with Chat GPT. Or if you have played with Chat GPT, you already have the account needed for DALL-E 2!

Step 2: Type whatever you want into the generation bar! You start off with a free 50 credits, which means you can generate 50 sets of images. Each prompt you type in gives you four variations of the image, all for one credit. You get 15 free credits added into your account each month, and you can buy 115 more for $15.

Tips and image ownership

Get better at your prompts

As powerful as DALL-E 2 is, it’s easy to just start typing random things in, think it’s all…



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