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Erik Jones
3 min readJan 8, 2021


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If you pay attention, you’ll notice writers and indie creators using their own illustrations, drawings, or photoshopped images all over the place, and I am here for it. This intersection of writing and art is making the internet a much more interesting place.

If I had to guess, a general reason for this trend could be a combination of the below.

  1. More people are writing online and looking for a way to stand out.
  2. There is a natural desire to flex some creativity outside of the written word, possibly rekindling a childhood love for drawing.
  3. Boredom with stock photos. I mean, enough already with the same ones over and over!
  4. There is an explosion of tools like the Apple Pencil, Procreate, and the Microsoft Surface Tablet that make it easier than ever to experiment as a beginner.

So to celebrate and encourage this trend, I am starting a new project called The Featured Image. I want to highlight these writers who are doing interesting work at this intersection of writing + art and to provide resources for anyone looking to add visual creativity to their own work.

The content will be roughly split into a few categories:

  1. Interviews or case studies of writers who draw (or create things visually to go along with their work), with a focus on the tools they use and their creative process.
  2. How-to’s and tutorials on learning to draw or using various design tools.
  3. Occasional updates on my progress as I learn in public using the very tools and skills that I’m highlighting.
  4. As an ultimate goal that I’ll just put out into the universe, I would love to create a community of like minded people who want to help each other get better with their visual creativity.

Who would be interested in this?

Everyone! Well probably not EVERYONE, but if you like being creative and you put words on a page in any fashion whatsoever (like, it’s your full time job or you create a newsletter/blog on the side), there is a good chance you’ll find value in this.



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