I love this idea and I hope it catches on more. Even on Medium I’ve almost missed some great stories because the stock photo used is so cliche.

On my blog I’ve decided to start drawing all of the images myself too. I’m not a good artist but it does two things: 1) it’s my little way to not contribute to even more uninspired stock photo usage, and like you said, to show that I care 2) I want to actually get better at drawing and there’s no better way than publicly putting it out there each time!

And I really like your simple style. Drawings of any kind are simply 10x better than someone with their arms open to the sunshine at the edge of cliff that I see almost every day in my feed.

Writing about podcasts, science, and art, in no particular order. hurtyourbrain.com for podcast recommendations and thefeaturedimage.com for words + art.

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