Can You Solve These 14 Podcast Riddles?

Put your podcast knowledge to the test.

Erik Jones
3 min readApr 30


Last year a few podcast newsletter writers and I teamed up to make some podcast riddles for a contest. The idea was to have our audiences guess a four line rhyming riddle with a visual that acted as an additional hint.

Now that the contest is over, I wanted to put them all in one place. Why not try your hand at these for fun? You can also discover some new shows in the process.

These are roughly in order from easiest to most difficult. Feel free to search online using the clues (or even see how ChatGPT does).

The answers are revealed if you click on the link above each image. This will bring you to the show’s page.

The Riddles

Riddle #1

Drawing of thread coming out of a spool, with thread looped in a way that looks like an infinity symbol. Riddle: “The source of my stories all revolve around Reddit, and my co-hosts in Boston have made me a hit. I love yarns that aren’t as they seem, like the “Woman Yelling at Cat” internet meme.”
Chosen by Adela from Podcast Brunch Club

Riddle #2

A drawing of a folded over newspaper that says “NEWS.” There are a pair of wired earbuds coming out of the paper. Riddle: “I keep you informed when you push play. At the end I share what else… you need to know today. I rely on plentiful journalists to borrow, and as always, “See you tomorrow.””
Created as an example riddle

Riddle #3

Drawing of a moth flying towards/landing on a microphone that is lit up like a lightbulb. Riddle: “People come to our live storytelling events, to tell their personal stories of life and laments. Our podcast pulls from our long-running Radio Hour, that millions of fans love to devour.”
Created as an example riddle

Riddle #4

Drawing of a can of Diet Dr Pepper, with 4.5 stars above in the style of a 5 star rating. Riddle: “My host rates the world on a five star scale, with audio essays as beautiful as a Clydesdale. Surprisingly, topics like Cholera or Sycamore Trees, are equally fascinating, and you’ll ask, “more, please.””
Created as an example riddle

Riddle #5

Drawing of a black box exploding open with colorful music notes and instruments coming out of it. Riddle: “Music lovers rejoice! A new episode is in your queue as a choice. You’ll love what you hear, but it’s rarely my host’s voice. My audience digs the way songs are broken down bit by bit, as artists walk through the musical DNA of their big hit.”
Chosen by Melody from Podyssey

Riddle #6

A drawing of a rope or fuse burning at one end. The text of the riddle: “Every season is a clean slate, to slow down and fully appreciate, momentous occasions like Watergate, and their details not remembered as of late.”
Created as an example riddle

Riddle #7 (slightly different format)

A drawing of a rocket, hat and checkmark. Text of the riddle is: “Tomorrow? That would be hard to explain. Yesterday? That’s old hat. But today? — Yes, I think I can do that.”
Created as an example riddle

Riddle #8



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