18 Educational YouTube Channels to Watch as a Family

This is YouTube’s moment to shine

By author

Educational YouTube Channels

Mark Rober [fun with science and engineering]

Kurzgesagt [illustrated science explainers]

Crash Course [snappy explorations on almost every school subject]

Physics Girl [short explainers about the physical world]

Smarter Every Day [infectious science enthusiasm and explanations]

Simone Giertz [engineering and creativity]

Minute Physics [drawings that explain physics]

Veritasium [science and physics explanations]

Animal Wonders Montana [adorable fact-filled videos about exotic animals]

Numberphile [videos about numbers]

CGP Grey [stick figure explanations on deep subjects]

3Blue1Brown [entertaining high-level math visualizations]

Vsauce [quirky but deep explorations about the world]

Art YouTube Channels

Thanks YouTube art teacher!

Circle Line Art School

Painting with Jane

Animator Vs. Cartoonist

Channels That Are Doing Live Lessons

Mark Rober Live Science Class

Your Daily Equation

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems

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