10 Visuals About the Joys of Podcasts

And little thoughts to go with each

Erik Jones


1. Podcasts are like an order of large fries.

They are much better if you share them with your friends.

All visuals drawn by the author

2. Wouldn’t it be amazing to show off your “podcast bookshelf?”

3. This car podcasts.

And for the record, I would indeed honk seeing that Anna Sale bumper sticker (of Death, Sex & Money)

4. Podcasts don’t just have to be in topic categories.

They can also be based on what mood you’re in or how you want to feel.

5. Move over peanut butter and jelly. Now things that are a good fit…go together like podcasts and chores.

6. A sign you listen to too many podcasts:

You try to skip backwards on a live phone call because you weren’t paying attention.

(or to skip ahead past the boring parts)

7. An ode to podcasts and driving.

8. My queue’s running low.

Just have to run out real quick and buy some food for my podcast app.



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