10 Very Scientific Charts and Graphs About the Podcast Industry

With very scientific drawings

Erik Jones
3 min readFeb 17


1. A friendly reminder that there aren’t too many podcasts.

All visuals drawn by the author

2. There is something about podcasts being just audio that connects to a very human and deep part of the brain.

3. If you’re anything like me, this might be a gentle reminder to support your favorite podcasts.

4. We did it! Nobody asks this anymore.

5. Think of all those podcasts waiting for you to discover them.

6. A sure-fire sign a person would be cool to hang out with.

7. If you ever want to know what your favorite podcast host sounds like drunk, simply switch to 1x after listening for a while at 1.5x.

8. I love the “big ideas” within a good book, but the superpower of podcasts is their ability to connect you with more ideas more quickly.

9. I try my best to find new shows, but there is definitely a math problem at the heart of discovery.



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